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Mamamia (short (of) thoughts)

This morning I went to the theatre to queue for cheap tickets for Mamamia. I arrived quite early (well, very early), and I was the first one in the queue, so I got two 20 pounds tickets for seats in the stall.

Mamamia, I knew this musical first through reading my friend's diary about his Master study on Ptt2. I heard the whole CD on the trip to Scotland this summer. So before I was there, I aleardy had some basic knowledge about it.

The story line is simple, clearly, but quite dramatic. The melody is clean and easy for the audience to follow. This is a musical very suitabel for summer.

When Donna is helping Sophie to be dressed up for the wedding, the song she sings narrates a mother's wonder and sadness of marrying her beloved daughter, I was thinking of my mom and my family (though I am not going to get married tomorrow).

There are a lot of good lines, very entertaining in the musical. stage designs and visual effects are plain but right for the background of the musical: a simple rural life in a Greek island. 

Sam is very charming, much better than Sky, as Donna is more fabulous than Sophie. Donna's girls' gang is more powerful and enchanting than her daughter's.

I cannot wait to watch Meryl Streep's film version of Mamamia!