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journal (日誌)

And saw Dan.

We did not have the chance to speak on Pizza Party earlier.
The first thing he told me when we met today was he twisted his neck and it hurt very much.
He already made appointment and prepared to do some X-ray scan tomorrow.
That, well his situation, in the language we understand is '落枕'.

Dan is the guy I would call him the only 奶油小生 at UCL phd program now. Very cute.
He would be no 1. and John is no. 2. After John graduated, he is the only one left.
(The cutiest is they are both very shy...I am sorry but they are both unavailable already, please do not ask me for their contacts...=.=)

The reason I would write about Dan is I saw some interesting thing in the seminar today.

Because his neck is hurt, he has to sit in the centre, facing the speakers. Opposite to our side sat several young female MAs. And I could see how they constantly casted their eye on him. That was very interesting and amusing to see during the long seminar.

We were chattig with other UCL MA Shakespeares about the seminar on Thursday. I said I could understand now what is 'neck-...or no...nerve-breaking'. Dan said, ya, right now is nerve-breaking, after the seminar you will be neck-breaking....I said, right because Helen will twist my neck...:P

Postgraduates in the DELL at UCL are always making bitter fun of each other.

Later, we were in the drinks after the Celia Philip Lecture. Michael, Louise, and I were joking that we were going to make a sit-com, called 229.

229 is the room number of the English student common room...

And we already composed the scripts of several episodes...

I must say, Michael imitated Rene very well...

And we all agreed that Kathy would have a role in it.

Wicked. There were three parties available tonight: one in Camden (Nick's celebration of presentation), one in a pub near UCL (DELL social night), and one in a Thai restaurant (UCL and KCL Shakespeares...).

Somehow, I missed all of these. Or more precisely, I just did not go to any of them.

When I walked alone on Tottenham Court Road, passing by Sainsbury, on the way back home,
I could taste solitude, and I could understand what Eric talked today about 'my self, I myself, am my self.

Of course, I am not playing narcissist. I just enjoyed the quietitude and solitude.

And crikey~ even though I witnessed Kathy opened six bottles of red wine and put seveal white ones in the fridge before Celia Philip Lecture and there were drinks everywhere afterwards, I did not consume a drop of wine today~