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Today, after some window-shopping with Liang-Tsu in Covent Garden, I went back to St. Martin-in-the-field by myself. I was going there to pick up my shoes, the shoes for working. I called Tommy; he was not there yet. So I thought, fine, then try if anyone I know would be there.

I went into the chuch through the center porch, like a staff knowing where I was going. The orchestra was doing the rehearsal. There were tourists sitting or standing, listening to it. It was 'Spring' of Vivadi, as always. Peter was the conductor. Well, his orchestra is good and their performance is always popular. Then I walked on, to the south-west gate. I was thinking whether I should sit in the side box, like I had been used to do before I worked there. I did not sit down. There was already an old gentleman sitting in the box. So I walked on. Then I saw Andrew walking out from the Green Room, where we put all the equipment for the concert and where the musicians prepared their performance. He did not see me at first. Then I walked on to the south-east gate, smiling at him. I thought, he did not see me, but just walked on. But then he passed by the orchestra, and strode to me. He saw me. I was still smiling. He opened his arms five meters before he was in front of me, and then he gave me a warm hug. Ah...this was exactly what I needed after I decided to quit the job, a warm hug from the boss, from a friend.

He was pretty the same, same busy, same confident and nervous about his manager work. But he did not complain, even I was already scolded so many times by Tommy for quitting the job. Andrew did not say much, but just showing welcom anytime when I wanted to work with them again. He said, 'it is okay because we know wherever your are and whatever you do, you are doing better things than this'. I was so sorry about my abrupt resignation though it was 'not-a-big-deal' job, yet still. So I was relieved to learn his thought.

I was asked about Andrew yesterday at the Christmas party in my flat yesterday. I had nothing to say, because there was nothing like what people were really interested to know or wanted to gossip around. There were something lighter and deeper and better. I told Yi-Hsin today that there were always some people in one's life, some people that only joined you in the journey for a very short period of time. But the memory was so pure and beautiful. Whenever one thinks about them, there is sunshine in mind. Sunshine. And smile on.